For Youth

We invite youth accompanied by their parents or guardians to travel the dusty road to our ranch, meet our horses and staff and learn what our angels in horsehair have to share. Our program pairs one child, one horse, and one leader to meet the individual needs of each one coming to the ranch. Through observation, the staff tailors a program that is designed to foster hope, promote healing to hearts and souls, and to encourage each child to develop their strengths and reach their potential. Children come by appointment with our program offered at no cost to families. The only requirement is that the child desires to come to the ranch and demonstrates a willingness to try.

For Families

Families are encouraged to enjoy the peace and beauty of the ranch while children participate in their session. Share the time with one of our volunteers as you enjoy watching your child participate in the ranch activities. It is our desire that both parent and child head home from time spent at the ranch with shared memories and much to talk about together.

For Horses

Morning Star Youth Ranch takes in horses in need of nutritional, medical, or emotional care with the goal of restoring them to health and usefulness. We then seek to place them in a positive environment either here on the ranch participating in sessions or in a place consistent with their unique personalities and needs.