• Morning Star Youth Ranch

    Our faith based organization places children in a safe environment in which to grow. Children who spend time at the ranch have a variety of experiences open to them; getting to know a horse, spending time in the garden, experiencing art and developing valuable relationships.
  • One Child, One Horse

    During a 90 minute session, we partner one child, one horse and one leader to meet the unique needs of each child who comes to the ranch. This one on one format ensures each child receives individual attention and instruction.

  • Family Partnership

    Families have the opportunity to share experiences at the ranch, building relationships and making memories.

  • Our Amazing Horses

    Our horses have varied backgrounds, personalities and stories. An important part of their rehabilitation is learning to trust and play.

Who We Are


Our non-profit faith based organization reaches out to children and families in need through encouragement, love and prayers.

What We Do


Our rescued horses learn to trust through the love and care given by our volunteers which prepares them for time spent relating to children.

How To Help


MSYR relies upon donations, volunteers and mentors. If you can help, please click on the contact label at the top of this page.

Our Vision and Mission

MSYR is a faith based non profit 501c3 organization that rescues horses, mentors children and encourages families. Our vision is to share the love of Christ by building bridges of hope, healing and trust in a ranch setting. The ranch is a safe environment for the youth of our area to find acceptance, hope, and encouragement. Through time spent at the ranch with a trained leader, children learn self-confidence and a variety of life skills.

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