We were called to pick up Teaspoon from a youth ranch that was forced to close its doors a year earlier. Teaspoon had not been placed in a new home as the other animals were and had been rather neglected during that time.  We were told she was in her 30’s and she was a bit shy.

When we arrived to pick up Teaspoon, Midnight the goat jumped in the trailer immediately.  Without missing a beat, Teaspoon’s previous owner said, “Of course you will take her best friend, Midnight too, won’t you?”  And so, Midnight became the goat of Morning Star.

After Teaspoon had been at Morning Star for approximately 6 months she began having seizures and intestinal problems. We also noted her left eye beginning to cloud up.

Our veterinarian informed us that there was no known treatment for seizures in horses, they generally get worse and because of their unpredictability we needed to consider putting an end to her suffering. As we sadly prepared ourselves for this we were asked if we would consider a necropsy to determine the cause of her seizures. One of the tests performed would be a hair analysis. We decided to pursue this first and the results were amazingly helpful. We were informed through the test results that a spinal injury was the cause of the seizures, food allergies were the cause of the intestinal problems and that Teaspoon was loaded with heavy metal toxins. She was adjusted by our Chiropractor, given homeopathic remedies for detoxification of the metal toxins and her diet was changed to deal with the food allergies. She has now been seizure free since 2008 and on occasion she can be seen kicking up her heels for sheer joy.