Kody is an interesting horse. He is on loan to us and has been here for over a year. His owner searched long and hard for the “perfect” horse.  She finally found NaKoda as she named him and had him just 4 short months before taking a bad fall while playing racquetball and shattering her elbow. The broken arm made caring for her new friend impossible and she asked if we could include him in our program for a while. We called him Kody and learned very quickly he had no idea what a relationship with a person was all about. Ride me and leave me alone is what he learned from his past barrel racing days. His rodeo days also exposed him to an abundance of circumstances and situations giving him a confidence in handling the unpredictable. As we spent time with Kody it was obvious he found us to be weird, asking him instead of making him, speaking his language and waiting for him to speak back. It has been so fun to watch him figure it out and enjoy the interaction. Kody has become a tremendous asset to our program, he is very happy here and seems to enjoy spending time with the children.