Breezy is a big stout girl and doesn’t seem to be bothered by much. She has been on many trails and to the beach. She is a favorite of many of the children that come to the ranch!

Although we don’t know all of Breezy’s story, what we do know is that hers is a story of love and loss repeated. Both of the families we know about that are part of Breezy’s story loved her wonderfully, and their stories are similar: girls who love horses, parents who love their daughters and provide a wonderful home for Breezy. The girls love and enjoy Breezy while growing up, spending countless hours together traversing the joys and sorrows of the teenage years. And then as all children do, they go off to school, work, or into the service. Breezy is left looking for a new home and more children to love and encourage.

Breezy is patient and kind, strong and gentle and now at Morning Star she has the opportunity to hear the secrets, success and sorrows of many more children. We are grateful to have Breezy amongst our herd of Angels in horsehair.