How did Morning Star get started?

How did Morning Star Youth Ranch (MSYR) get started? God had been developing this vision for years in the heart of our Director, Diane Odell. When she moved to the central coast in 2006, several others caught the vision and began praying. Through a variety of circumstances, the Linn family heard of this vision and welcomed us to use their historic ranch site for our program. Money, equipment, horses and volunteers began to appear. We began building our corrals and temporary tack rooms and shelters in January of 2007.

How many horses does the ranch have?

Please see “Meet Our Horses” on our home page.

How does your program work?

Our program pairs one child, one horse, and one leader to meet the unique needs of each child that comes to the ranch. This one-on-one environment ensures that each child receives individual attention and instruction. Morning Star Youth Ranch creates a safe environment where both child and horse can build a relationship based on hope and trust. Guided by a mentor, both young person and horse can experience the joys and tribulations of a relationship that will build confidence and teach life skills. We believe that horses and children have much to learn and teach each other.

How can I get my child involved?

Contact our office and we can discuss how your child might fit into our program.

What kinds of children does MSYR serve?

Morning Star Youth Ranch serves children between the ages of 5 and 18. Some of our children are considered “disadvantaged” mentally, physically or emotionally. Other kids we work with are simply kids who don’t have access to horses through any other means.

What do you charge for a child to attend the program at MSYR?

Our program is absolutely free of charge. The only requirement for children is that they have an open heart and want to attend.

Can we visit the ranch?

We would love to have you visit the ranch! Please see “Tour The Ranch” on our home page!

When are sessions?

Our session season is from April through October. Times of days vary. Please call our office for more information at (805) 226-2859

Is MSYR a residential facility?

MSYR is a day-use facility only. This means those who use the ranch visit it during the day but are not housed here.

Can I donate my horse to the ranch?

Our program horses must demonstrate an aptitude for acceptance of children and a willingness to work and must be physically and mentally capable to do so. We are very selective regarding the horses we will accept.

The ranch is rarely able to accept horses with limitations due to age, behavior problems, or soundness.

If you are looking for a home for your horse, e-mail us a picture and a short paragraph containing their information; height, weight, age, temperament, health, training, experience, any issues, etc and we will put the word out to our connections in the community. Please continue your search as well.

Is Morning Star Youth Ranch a religious organization?

No. MSYR is not associated with any particular religious denomination or church. We are a faith-based organization where faith is “lived” not “preached”. The founder, board of directors, and volunteers involved with sessions all believe in God and the saving grace of His Son Jesus Christ. It is our highest honor to serve children and families of all backgrounds regardless of religious beliefs.

Do you recommend a book describing the type of program you offer?

Yes! Kim Meeder’s book Hope Rising inspired us to create a similar ministry. You can order this book Directly through our website, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Morning Star Youth Ranch.