by Barbara L.

When I first began Volunteering at Morning Star Youth Ranch I knew of God – knew who Jesus was but I didn’t “know” Him. Early in my training I was asked to take a halter and go out into the pasture among five horses and get a particular horse, halter it and bring it in! Now I had worked around these horses so they weren’t unknown and I’m sure they knew who I was. As I approached the gate I took a deep breath, remembering that horses ‘read’ us (nervous-uneasy) trying to calm myself. After which I said, “Okay, LORD, if you want me to be here and do this then you need to go before me.” That was the very beginning of my trust relationship with my Lord and our horses.

The relationships I have, developed here at MSYR with horses and people, is due to the love of Jesus. I have watched the shy, quiet open up; the hyper ‘can’t be sIll’ calmed; hearing laughter, seeing smiles from all ages, both visitors and participants after being here.

As for the horses and our relationship, they are some of the best friends I have. Their trust, patience, awareness of how I feel, sensing my inner spirit, calming me, I believe is the very best example of how Jesus’ love works in us!